Saturday, October 16, 2010

mish mash dash

so much going on ..

canton last month was awesome .. so many people and the sales were brisk ..

the trailer loaded for canton ..

a pretty hand sewn cutter quilt we had for sale ...

chairs stacked with pillows we make in our sewing room ..

more pillows and slipcovers ...

after canton we started working on the house .. painting the rooms we felt were most important .. we painted and got the sewing room together so we could keep sewing ..

the sewing room before .. the room measures approximately 13ft by 17ft ..

rod spraying the first coat .. every room in the house is going to get a coat of country white while we decide what to paint the final coat ..

the room set with cutting counters and sewing machines ..i didn't get a good picture of the hardwood floors, but they turned out beautiful and all they needed was a good cleaning .. we used orange glo ..

i am starting a blog on the house .. the title is la maison a l'ouest .. the house on west .. i will be keeping a journal of sorts about the house .. check it out .. follow it if you like ... our plan is to take it and go step by step on projects and let you know what it cost us to do things the way we did them ..

here is a picture of the fireplace in the gathering room with it's first coat of country white ..

and here is the view from one of the master bedroom windows ..this room is upstairs directly above the sewing room .. it also measures approximately 13ft by 17ft .. i placed the bed so it faces this window and for the moment the bed is in the middle of the room .. this street reminds me of the street that deadends into the house in hope floats .. this street deadends into our house ..

enjoy the weekend and thank you for following me ..

love ya',


  1. Paint looks good!
    I think the fireplace looks spectacular, I can't wait to see more updates!


    P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. I'm lovin' that street shot!...deadends to your house...awesome! Love the white paint re-do..mantel looks awesome!! I'll look forward to following the blog on the house too!
    Tammy :-)

  3. You had some amazing things to sell at Canton! Wish I wasn't so far, far away.

    The sewing room looks really nice! Looking forward to following what else you'll be doing with the house!

    Nita Jo

  4. Paint is an amazing way to change the looks of a room! Even paneling! I've been painting paneling for years! A painter once told me to clean the paneling with straight ammonia before painting! Works really well if you can stand the smell!